November 2022 update: This website hasn't been updated in 2 years because simply I am to busy.

For those who know me and are aware of my travelling, location scouting and workshops within the EU understand that I simply don't have the time anymore for updating a webshop. Been there and done that for many years.

For those who never met me but somehow arrived on this website through a referral I can say the follwing: Yes I still do sell SONY cameras. In 2022 I very much was able to supply plenty of FX30, FX3, FX6 and FX9 to customers who have known me for a long time.

To those who don't know me, send me an email to b2b@creativeventures.be and I might surprise you that I have plenty of stock of very much wanted SONY cameras and lenses.

As for the AVRent.be website. June and myself work together. 

But same thing, write me an email.

Friendly Regards,


P.S I am leaving these old banners just for the fun of it.

All sales are handled by EBDN Ltd. European Broadcast Distribution Network Ltd. Ireland